Discover your direction; improve mental clarity; overcome your barriers; create lasting change and sustain your peak performance.

No matter how busy your business or family life becomes, to perform and thrive in your personal and professional roles to the best of your ability, to achieve success AND feel fulfilled by it, it’s vital to remember who you are as an individual and fulfil your personal needs for your mind, body and soul.

Nam understands that your dedication to professional success and/or bringing up a family can be extremely demanding on your time, energy, personal resources, relationships, health and emotions! He has the knowledge, experience – and most importantly the passion – to teach you what must be put in place to stop a downward spiral and start thriving again.

Nam Baldwin is a man you can trust with your challenges and has proven successes with World & Olympic champions, as well as very elite business professionals. His 1:1 Elite Performance Coaching is a one stop shop addressing your unique mind and body challenges. Through a combination of emotional and physiological education, he will provide answers & methods you can implement immediately.

Nam is available for consultations in person or via Skype.  

Learn How To:

  • Identify what is contributing to your fatigue and put the most effective methods in place to boost energy & enthusiasm, fast!
  • Identify disruptive behaviour patterns that negatively affect your productivity and compromise relationships with those around you.
  • Learn the signature behaviours for authentic & inspiring leadership which you can live by, influence & guide others with like a true leader should.
  • Discover tools to regulate emotions and have more control over your daily achievements
  • Reduce brain fog & increase mental clarity for sustained peak performance
  • Enhance relationships & reduce relationship stress.
  • Increase resiliency in mind and body to manage high pressure situations effectively. 
  • This is a small taster of what Nam can offer. After discussion, your coaching sessions will be uniquely tailored to improve your life, in the areas you wish. 

Nam’s Expertise:

  • Personal Excellence.
  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • Physiological Intelligence.
  • Peak Performance.
  • Stress and emotional management.
  • Kinesiology.
  • Recovery techniques.
  • Health and Well Being.
  • Exercise Science.
  • Breath Enhancement Training (BET). 


6 hour Gold Coast Based Package
2 x 3 hour Sessions / Consecutive Days - $2450