“Doing the Breath Enhancement Training really opened my eyes. Being a professional surfer it is essential that you are able to hold your breath, especially in big wave situations. I achieved this and so much more. I felt a greater use of my breath whilst active, felt stronger in myself and learnt to clear my mind. I have done a lot of fitness training over the years but being able to control my mind doesn't happen in these other areas.

Whilst in the pool I felt calm and relaxed and that would carry on for the rest of the day. Then when competing that is when I felt the work I had done really pay off. In the past I have felt scattered when competing but after doing this work I was very clear minded and felt very calm but extremely switched on. In high pressure situations I felt I made very clear decisions very quickly.

Nam is very professional to work with and is very encouraging. He made the experience really enjoyable at the same time. I recommend this type of work & Nam to anyone willing to try. I am extremely pleased with the result that I got out of it and will definitely practice it in the future.”

Mick Fanning

2009 & 2007 World Surfing Champion

"The training with Nam and Devon has made me aware of my breathing and I now have so much more confidence. My cardiovascular endurance also greatly benefited." 

Pat Rafter

Tennis World Champion

"The work I do with Nam has really complimented all of my other training & educated me on a very important aspect of it all - BREATHING. The underwater training is almost like a meditational experience & really helps with calming the body & eliminating any stress. On top of that I get the benfits of feeling comfortable in places like Hawaii, Tahiti & Tasmania because I know I am ready for any solid hold downs I am dealt with. Nam has such a great understanding of the body & not only trains people but educates them along the way through th unique delivery of his knowledge. Nam is a great person to work with and constantly bettering the lives of others." 

Dan Ross

Red Bull Womens Elite Surfing Coach & Patagonia Ambassador

"The training program is the absolute key to surfing big waves in Hawaii.  The training team really cares about their athletes and it shows in the delivery of the courses.  I would not be nearly as confident surfing big Hawaii with out.  It not only enhancemes your breath hold but also your all round fitness and confidence."

Andrew Stark

Surfing Australia - CEO

"Thanks Nam for helping me to get fit, and this over a space of 1 month. Thanks for teaching me to paddle faster, and for spending all the time in the water with me. My confidence grew because of the Breath Enhancement and the hill training. I felt ready to tackle the camp to qualify for the Worlds. Thanks Devon for being so strict during core exercises, I didn't get away with anything. I got so much stronger in such a short space of time. I am still not eating too healthy but I am doing my best. Thanks for all your guys' efforts, I won the camp and therefore qualify for the Quiksilver Junior World Champs in the U16 division at France this year. Thanks a million. And I am still going strong!!!" 

Thomas Woods

"I was first interested in B.E.T because I see breathing as one of the most important things in life as well as in surfing. I found the B.E.T course and the direction and assistance from Nam and Devon first class. The changes and inspiration from B.E.T are without question. All of my students who did the course said that they felt more confidence and control in testing situations after the course. Anyone and everyone should do this course; the way you breathe creates the way you live. Nam and Devo are two of the best trainers that I have worked with and good people. The B.E.T training courses are some of the best training that someone can do if they want to push and understand themselves." 

Barton Lynch and The Surfers Group

Surfing World Champion & Coach

"I think that Nams training system is amazing! I felt I had so much more control over my body after just 2 sessions and I felt alot calmer too, and it is fun at the same time - Sof" 


Surfing World Champ - Ladies WCT

“B.E.T has definitely helped build my confidence when surfing large waves. The training expands your lung capacity, this helps you take deeper breaths & therefore helps withstand some pressures of big wipe-outs. When under pressure & being held down, the training helps you stay calmer & that buys you time. It’s also good for your head & mind set.”  

James 'Billy' Watson

BIG Wave Rider & Life Guard

"We initially decided to trial the BET system to find out its relevance to improved performance for High Performnace Surfing, we were looking to find an edge to training and to find methods very specific to surfing as a sport.

As a High Performance Fitness Consultant & Trainer for Surfing Australia's High Performance Cetre, I personally undertook the 6 week course to find out first hand the benefits of training and to eperience the training methods and quality of instructors.

Let me say that the instructors knowledge and teaching styles were first class, at all stages I was completely at ease with the teaching methods and was taught thoroughly the protocols and reasoning behind the various elements of training.

I can confidently say that I could begin to feel physiological changes after 3-4 sessions, the changes accelerated through to the completion of the course.  I personally used the methods of training in my Adventure Racing - primarily on the Mountain Bike and Paddle disciplines and found the following improvements:

  •  Dramatic increase in breath control, particularly under high loads
  •  Increased recovery rate, both during & between exercise sessions
  •  Increased lung capacity
  •  Increased anerobic threshold
  •  Improved focus during events
  •  Improved sleeping patterns (after practicing breathing methods at night)

I would recommend this form of training for any sportsperson or team looking for something extra in their training program.  It is a challenge and provides a multitude of positive influences in a number of fitness elements, all combining to enhance performance levels.

Craig McGarry

Ops' Manager/Head Trainer-Casuarina Rec Club High Performance Fitness Trainer

"Whilst working alongside Nam & Devon in the Surfing Australia High Performance Camps of ‘07 it became clear that the B.E.T program was a huge benefit to all. It enhances the grommets thought processes & competition performance accordingly. Personally, doing a 6-week program gave me great confidence & mind control which has in the past been a deciding factor of how well I surf, particularly in the bigger waves. PLUS my fitness improved SO fast!" 

Sasha Stocker

BILLABONG Team Manager

"Since training with Devon & Nam I have gained strength & confidence that has helped me to achieve great contest results, and to have a greater understanding about my body & mind. Devon & Nam have been very supportive of my goals & aspirations this year & I look forward to training with them throughout my career. Thanks heaps Devo & Nam!" 

Noa Deane

2 X Queensland U16 Champion 2009

"I recommend this training to anyone wanting to surf bigger and better - it's a MUST!! I found this training to be a huge benefit for both big wave surfing and increasing ability and confidence in the water."

Cheyne Horan

Surfing World Champion - Big Wave Rider

"I would recommend this training to anyone in the world! I was always getting run down and sick alot of the time when I went from country to country or my training load was too intense! Since the training I have not even had a slight cold since Nov '06 and I've been pushing myself harder than ever before in and out of the water..... It's hard work on your body and really pushes your mental toughness."  

Mark Visser

Big Wave Surfer & Adventurer