Nam Baldwin

Director of Equalize Training Company
Director of Breath Enhancement

Nam Baldwin is a highly qualified emotional and stress control / management specialist, co developer of internationallyrecognised B.E.T Training, mentor and motivational life health coach. He has trained World Champions including Mick Fanning, Steph Gilmore, Pat Rafter and 2012 Olympic Kayak Gold Medallists in the K4 1000m; assisted patients that the conventional medical fraternity had not; and helped thousands of clients reach their ultimate fitness goals by educating them how to live a healthier, happier; sustainable lifestyle.

Nam can increase your quality of life, teach you how to avoid the pitfalls of stress and improve your general wellbeing. 

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Career - Current

A career spanning over 20 years, Nam has dedicated his life to learning & exchanging knowledge to assist others in reaching their mental & physical potential.

Nams experience with World Champions, Olympic Gold Medallists, Elite Teams and Business Groups has seen him receive many accolades in the field of exercise science, psychology, emotional intelligence and applied kinesiology.

Nams involvement & experience with elite athletes & businesses has given him a great depth of knowledge & the skill to help other clientele reach their potential. Nams elite clientele include current World Surfing Champion Mick Fanning, the Australian Olympic K4 Kayak Gold Medallist Team, NRL’S New Zealand Warriors, Australia's leading Big Wave Riders and a number of highly successful Corporate Businesses. Nam says “The goal when working with groups, teams or individuals is to allow them to experience progress and a dynamic emotional shift in their first session, which then drives them to seek further success”.

Nams gift lies in breaking down complicated, scientific data and psychology into relatable & motivating education, each client gaining a wealth of applicable knowledge. With a thirst to find what truly works & the best ways to achieve goals, Nam is constantly raising his own standards in goal achievement whilst finding the best way for others to do the same.