Devon Baskerville

Director of Equalize Training Company 
Director of Breath Enhancement TRAINING

Devon is a happy-go-lucky person who values living a quality life and therefore her hobbies and working life all happily revolve around health, vitality and fitness. Devon has always been passionate about finding the best ways to help others understand and better themselves, knowing first hand that this is best achieved after having invested sufficient time and energy into your own personal development. After well over a decade training others to better both mind and body she remains highly energised and motivated in this profession.

"Throughout my career in the health and well being industry I discovered that most clients are interested in improving much more than just their physical self, gaining greater fulfilment in life after dealing with their limiting emotions.  Understanding  and focusing on healthier emotional states is a huge help in sustaining life long changes.  I'm very excited about and proud of the Emotional and Physiological programs we have developed and the great results we are seeing in participants.  It's very rewarding to be thanked and remembered as someone who helped another step forward in the right direction."



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